Parkland Village
School (K–4)


Occasional Alternate Bus Service

Since the majority of our buses are running at or close to capacity, it is more important than ever for parents and guardians to give Transportation Services 24-hour notice when their child wants to catch a ride home on the bus with a friend.

If your child wants to ride a different school bus (i.e. to go home with a friend), or wants to bring a friend home on the bus, please remember to do the following:

  1. Contact Transportation Services at with your request at least 24 hours in advance. Include:
    • The date and time (i.e. AM or PM) the child(ren) wish to ride the alternate bus
    • The names of the child(ren) involved
    • The number(s) of the affected bus route(s)

    Transportation Services will contact the requested bus and determine if the needed space is available for the date requested. Approval will be based on space and availability.
  2. Check your email for confirmation from Transportation Services that alternate transportation is available and your request has been approved.

We understand that emergency situations may arise where a student needs to ride an alternate bus without notice, and Transportation Services will coordinate with school administrators to assist in these rare circumstances. Outside of these situations, please be aware that students will not be permitted to ride an alternate bus without prior permission from Transportation Services

Families are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Student Transportation Guide for Parents & Guardians.

For more information contact:
Transportation Services
Phone: 780-963-8452