Parkland Village
School (K–4)

Blogs & Social Media

Some of our teachers maintain a blog page for the purpose of increased home-school communication. The purpose of these class blogs are:

  • Engage Parents by Transparently Sharing Learning

  • Allow Parents to Participate in the Learning by Commenting

  • Authentic Student-Learning Opportunities

  • Share Links to Learning Sites

  • Provide information ( Class Newsletter, Assignments...etc.)

If you have questions about your child's progress or a suggestion for information that would help you, contact your child’s teacher.

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Parkland Village School Blog   Blog
Early Education Mrs. Fitzgerald Blog
Kindergarten Mrs. Stoffelen Blog
Grade 1 Ms. Brodeur Blog
Grade 2 Ms. Lynds Blog
Grade 3 Mrs. Lovsund &
Mrs. Ward
Grade 3/4 Mrs. Eidick Blog
Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) Ms. Hovdebo Blog

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