Parkland Village
School (K–4)

Reports & Publications

Education Planning

Parkland Village School aligns its Education Plan with the Division’s Education Plan while responding to the local and unique priorities of our own school community. You will find content from our previously printed reports in an easy to read and easy to find format in the Education Planning section of our website.

Parkland Village School's Accountability Pillar Results Summary Report 

For previous versions of the Education Plan or Combined Annual Education Results Report, please contact the school directly.

Emergency Procedures

Will provide guidance as to what parents should do in the unlikely event of a school-wide emergency. Please refer to the Division's Emergency Response Procedures.


The Parkland Village School handbook serves as a quick reference of information intended to answer common questions related to topics such as school contacts, bell schedules, expectations for student behaviour, attendance and much more. View the Handbook


Monthly information about what is happening at the school level, including a calendar of events. View all Newsletters  You can subscribe to the school newsletter on our homepage.  Scroll to the bottom right corner of the homepage and sign up today.

Mind Map

Our Mind map is a visual representation of our Education Plan. Through visuals and symbols we try to represent the work we do to ensure each child reaches his or her full potential. View the Mind Map