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evolve - Parkland Village Resiliency Project

What is the Resiliency Project?

A community/school-based program that focuses on wellness and working with groups of children, youth and their families to build their capacity to stay healthy, develop positive relationships with others, and to be involved in positive activities.  

  • It is loosely based on a provincial model called “Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools” that builds on existing services and relationships with service providers in each community, not duplicating or replacing anything already offered or available.  
  • The programming is tailored to the needs of children, youth and families that reside and attend school in our community and is a blend of evidence-based, standardized programs and other activities that are known to be effective in promoting and maintaining wellness.
  • Community partners are the key to the success of this project. We believe that diverse, meaningful partnerships result in a stronger, more viable school. 

What Are the Project Goals?

To increase coping knowledge and skills of children and youth to enable them to make better choices and adopt behaviours to self-protect their physical and mental health, at as early an age as possible.

To provide support and knowledge to school staff and other community service providers to build their capacity to support children and families.

What Programs Are Available Through evolve?

Please contact Cindy Van Beers at 780-962-8121 for more information.

Program Listing

All programs are listed on our school calendar; please contact the school office for a sign up form.

evolve Program Sponsors

We are grateful for the support of our sponsors:

Parkland Village 
Community Centre

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